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Who Do I Vote For 2010 Westminster Sack Race

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Overall Total

Conservative28902627%179 213 246 110 164 214
Green24088423%190 230 135 124 199 31
Labour25639524%251 135 145 222 36 59
Liberal Democrat27382326%252 210 133 252 174 47

Please note this site was developed for the 2010 general election.
We'll be back for 2015!

That was an interesting general election!

And here at Red Snapper we were impressed by how close our overall results came to the final general election results. Even if everyone had voted based entirely on policies we would still be looking at a hung parliament. As you can see on the right the overall totals were as close as the real election with the tories coming out on top (but only just!). You can click the 'All results' button below to see how everyones answers lined up to each question but if you have not taken the quiz you still have a chance to give the leaders of the major political parties the SACK.

But which one will win the race based on your political views?

Complete our survey of 20 questions based on the political parties' manifestos and you may well be surprised at the result.

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Because of the ongoing hung parliament debates and posturing it is fairly likely that there will be another general election held sometime soon, if there is then we will be here to help you decide who you should vote for yet again. We will ensure that all of our questions are up to date with the parties manifestos so that again you can work out who you should vote for in the uk general election based on policies and not prejudice.

About Red Snapper

Red Snapper is a web agency based in London.

We have produced the Who Do I Vote For? poll for the past three general elections. The poll is intended to be fun and informative. An independent journalist has written the questions and we receive no money from any political party (feel free to offer some!).


We'd love to hear your feedback, both good and bad. Just drop us a email at: feedback@whodoivotefor.co.uk

Who Do I Vote For?