On September 18th, 2014, the people of Scotland go to the polls in a referendum to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country that is separate from the rest of the United Kingdom. There will be just one yes/no question:  "Should Scotland be an independent country?" People aged 16 and over who live in Scotland and are British, EU or Commonwealth citizens with permission to enter or stay in the UK are eligible to vote. The 800,000 Scots who live in other parts of the UK cannot vote while the 400,000 people from other parts of Britain who live in Scotland can vote. The Scottish government, led by First Minister Alex Salmond, wants Scotland to be in charge of its own destiny, free from what he calls the "shackles" of a London-based UK parliament. The UK Government, headed by Prime Minister David Cameron, claims Britain is one of the world's most successful social and political unions and that Scotland should remain as part of that union. So, what is the best outcome for Scotland?  Take our quiz on some of the independence issues to find out whether you are FOR or AGAINST independence.