About Redsnapper

Red Snapper is a web agency based in London.

We have produced the Who Do I Vote For poll for the past four general elections. The poll is intended to be fun and informative. An independent journalist has written the questions and we receive no money from any political party.  Red Snapper was established 1995 and we are now one of the longest standing independent web agencies in the UK. We have significant experience in providing internet, intranet and extranet solutions. We work for all types and sizes of organisations, from small businesses through to government departments and international blue chips. We handle everything from web publishing to e-commerce, from database management to bespoke applications and from consultancy and design to installation and ongoing management. In every case, we handle the entire process, from start to finish. Our aims are:
  • To provide a one-stop service solution that empowers our clients
  • To make the right online business decisions through discussion with our account management and consultancy team
  • To manage and update clients’ intranets, extranets and websites through easy-to-use products, including Red Snapper’s own Content Management System
  • To build interactivity and user relationships with our online business tools
  • If you have a web project that you would like to discuss, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Web: www.redsnapper.net